Harmene Moments 是一系列关于人文精神和个人在寻找幸福与平静时刻的成就的故事。 无论是通过爱、心碎、庆祝还是获得清晰,这都是意识的真实状态,这就是夏漠宁时刻。在我们的一生中,我们的生活由许多故事组成,我们希望你的生命旅程也同样精致、充满活力,并且可以 一起分享我们的夏漠宁。

Harmene Moments is a series of short stories about the human spirit and the individual’s achievement in finding their moment of happiness and peace. Whether through love, heartbreak, celebration, or attaining clarity, that is the true state of consciousness, that’s a Harmene Moment. In our lifetime our lives consist of many narratives, and we hope your journey is as exquisite, vibrant, and can be shared alongside our Harmene.