夏漠宁与一群热情的葡萄酒专家、葡萄栽培师和侍酒师合作,创造出真正令人难忘的葡萄酒。 可持续农业、环境管家和社会责任感是 Harmene Collective 背后的核心精神,我们将继续在中国不同地区推广这一理念。 Harmene Collective 透过这精神为生产优质葡萄酒的支柱,同时提升当地的经济发展。

Harmene collaborates with passionate wine experts, viticulturists, and sommeliers to create truly memorable wines. The core ethos of Harmene Collective is sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, which we continue to expand in different regions in China. These values are the backbone of our winemaking philosophy and help grow the region economically

Our first Collective is located in the shadow of the picturesque “Helan” Mountains in Ningxia, and we plan to expand further in the next couple of years to Yunnan and Shandong, becoming our second and third Collective, respectively.